Oct 5, 2005

Four Truths and Lie

Domestic Overlord started this game on the Knittyboard
and since I guessed Cpurl's lie it's my turn.

And the winner is Cpurl17!!

1. It's taken 20 years and three majors and I'm still not out of college.
True True - I wonder if I'll ever graduate
2. I've never driven a car
Also true- I've never been behind the wheel even - its a NY thing- I never had a car growing up.
3. I had a breast reduction in my early twenties and within three years they'd grown back to the same size I was before the surgery.
Lie - My breasts have never been reduced. I do know someone this happened to tho
4. I've been knocked over on the street by two celebrities- Rod Stewart and Bryant Gumbel
True - Bryant Gumbel helped me up - Rod Stewart didn't
5. When I was 10 years old I played pinball for money against local men twice my age and older.
True - there was a pinball machine in the record store around the corner. I'd play local guys for quarters and often win

Cpurl17- You're up!


KnittyJayde said...

I'll guess #4....

That Knitting Chick said...

oh man gf! those are some interesting choices! I guess...the car? (Although if its the boob one, man i'm sorry!)lol

luvnbeng said...

Wow--my first post in your journal!

I think "1" and "2" are true, and possibly also "4". So I'm not sure whether the "3" or "5" is the lie, but if I have to narrow it down, I'll say "5".

cpurl17 said...

I was going the guess the car since I think you're from NYC...but that's taken so I'm going to go for the boob lie and say 3!! (although I hope it's not true--unless you wanted them back)