Oct 27, 2005

Back at work

My vacation is over.
Why is it that no matter how long you are off, it never seems like enough?

So for those of you who asked what I got yarn shopping - the answer is.. I can't say because it was for my Secret Pal and there is a minimal chance they might read it. Sorry. The store was very cool selection wise and I could have spent a lot of money there. Plus they had a great kitty!

Meanwhile, back in knit-land...

So I decided to knit this hat because I had some appropriate yarn laying around and wanted to do something simple, patternless and easy to finish. It took like no time at all and made me feel like a super hero. Thank you Crazy Aunt Purl for her easy roll-brim hat recipe!

While I was feeling all superheroific I decided to make another one for my friend's daughter, so I knocked this one out with some remaining yarn, changing the base color to purple and removing the second stripe to make it slightly shorter. Personally .. I think its cuter on her. :)

Koigu Koigu Koigu!
Its back to socks.. and the present project is on KPPPM in a beautiful multi
of browns, oranges, rusts etc.. I will try and get a proper picture of it when I am home and near my camera. There are no words for how much i enjoy knitting with this yarn, it's DREAMY.

Back to work.


DomesticOverlord said...

I like your hat better, black&pink are cute together. The kid is a cutie!

me myself and i said...

vacations never seem long enougn...sigh!

luvnbeng said...

Thanks for letting me know you posted pictures--she's so cute! B&A must be really proud parents!