Oct 28, 2005

A few pics

First is another picture of my hat model (and hat) :) Isn't she cute?!

Next up is a pic of the delicious Koigu proto-sock - which is coming along nicely and just feels
delicious. Maybe I'll actually finish this one ;)

Last but certainly not least is is a pic of the stitch markers my wonderful hosts gave me when the bf and I were up visiting.


secret said...

Those are exquisite markers, actually. They arnt thick and heavy.
What a good sensitive friend you have,and the hats are good!
I think you have nice eyebrows.

KCB said...

The hat is very cute (model, too). Those stitch markers are lovely. I love it when people make art of everyday things.

Dani said...

LOVE the hat (and the model is adorable!)

Mmmmmmmn Koigu!!!

keohinani said...

good stuff!

me myself and i said...

nice markers...and your model is soo cute!

Courtney said...

I love that Koigu color. Do you know which one it is?