Oct 4, 2005

Cat beds..

I have a couple of days off (in a row!!) so i'll have some time to play with yarn.

So I think i'm going to make a Kitty Pi Bed for my bf's kitty .
Tis the least I can do after the harmonica incident.
Need to get some larger sized dpns tomorrow - and will use some of the bulkier wool from my stash.

I figure I'll work it as soon as I finish the Irish Hiking Scarf (which is coming along very nicely I might add) or maybe alternate between the two.

oh..btw.. for anyone who was wondering - i'm sticking with blogger for the moment.
Typepad is cool for many many reasons but I'm too cheap presently;)


Sally said...

That Kitty bed looks like an awsome proyect for you cat :D. I would like to see yours like an awsome lil bed ^^! :) Greetings, from Chile

That Knitting Chick said...

What up girlfriend! You are the very first person to post on my blog - ever! I feel like I've won a million bucks. Thanks so much. Oh - LOVE LOVE Townes!! Good luck with the Kitty bed!

Dani said...

Hey you - you should check my posts here, I'm giving away an invite for a hosted wordpress blog - who knows, maybe it will be what you're looking for?

Liking the Kitty Pi =)