Oct 9, 2005


So Kitty Pi is off the needles.
I haven't felted it yet because I can't figure out what to block it on. :/
Any suggestions? It seems I have nothing rounded thats larger than 12 inches in diameter.

I should have pictures once the camera batteries are thru charging of the unfelted version.
So far so good, kitty did lay down in it last night twice, and she brought her toy into it once too!


DomesticOverlord said...

I don't think you're supposed to block before felting. It'd just be a waste of time. You're just going to shrink the thing so why stretch it? I may be wrong but I've never blocked before felting and alway gotten good results. You will need to do some shaping after you felt but that's true regardless. Can't wait to see it finished!

weaselrina said...

Oh.. no i don't plan to block before felting.. i just keep holding off on felting until I have something to block it on afterward (while its still wet)

Heh I love it even unfinished!

darbyrose said...

Put a plastic bag inside it and fill it with cans of veggies, soups, and such.
That ought to hold the sides up while it dries, and it doesn't matter if the kitty's bed is perfect.

DomesticOverlord said...

Oh good, you worried me for a sec!

I always use plastic grocery bags to block my felted projects because they're usually socks or stuffed animals, things that need firm shaping.

cpurl17 said...

For my Pi beds I used a bunch of old towels and washcloths and stuffed the Pi bed until I had the right shape. My pi beds were made with a super bulky yarn so they were easy to stuff without getting stretched out.

Jerry & Maxy said...

I love your Kitty Pi bed!!!! Where did you get the pattern? My Abby would LOVE it...she's frequently sleeps in the sock bin. And it felted beautifully. I just felted "Fred" a basket from www.smallknits.com - Silke did the Edgar pattern in the current Knitty issue. OK, rambling. Nice knitting, Weaselrina. I used newspapers to help block the basket.