Oct 3, 2005

Kitty Harmonics

So I went to my friend's child's first birthday party on saturday.
One of his gifts was a harmonica.
Sometime that day the child's father, D was playing the harmonica and their cat went completely nuts and started whacking at his face with his front paw.
This happened every time D picked up and began to play the harmonica.

So the BF and I went home from the party and decided to perform the harmonica/cat dynamic test on his kitty (who is named "Bunny", or sometimes "Killer", or occasionally "Gristle") to see what she did.

It seemed to scramble her brain too, and she ran around for a bit then went up to bf's head and bit it (gently). We were able to make her repeat this several times, simply by playing the harmonica.

So whats the deal here? Anyone know? is it all cats? If anyone feels like trying this, please let me know the results..

in the meantime.. meet Bunny/Killer/Gristle

Update: Apparantly this is a documented phenomenon - Here

And there is even a company which has tried to capitalize on this as a way to keep kitties off the keys Here


Anonymous said...

Zach just bites people unprovoked, so a harmonica would probably make him purr.


Dani said...

If my OJ was still around, I would try this, but since he died a year ago, I have been unable to even think about getting another cat. (He was 17, and the most amazing cat - my buddy!) When my SIL gets home though, I will have her test it on her cat, who is extremely antisocial in general and will probably love to oppportunity to abuse a person LOL

Dani said...

PS - I meant to say the visual I got on this wole story really made m laugh! Thanks for the giggles!