Oct 7, 2005


on the Kitty Pi :)
Coming along nicely and I think i'm getting the idea of how felting and blocking will give it the right shape. First thing I will felt so i'm kind of excited about that.
Hope to have the knitting part done tonight or tomorrow so i can finish it this weekend.

The Irish Hiking Scarf is still going nicely - I just rushed the bed in between so I could knock it off before the weekend. Hopefully the scarf should be done next week.


Dani said...

you HAVE been properly warned of the addictive quality to felting, yes? I'm not trying to scare you, Im just saying... =Þ

Once you start, well, there is pretty much no going back =) You are SO gonna love it!!

weaselrina said...

Heh.. I am not afraid!!!

That Knitting Chick said...

you know what they say: Once you go felt, you never go back! oh wait, nobody says that, just me. Well, anyway you know what I mean. I now have about 5 felting projects in progress - so- what dani said- ditto