Sep 28, 2005

Not that this is relevant to anything

But I really hate it when I can hear people chewing gum.
I particularly hate it when I can hear someone who is on the opposite end of the subway car cracking gum.

Moving right along..

I watched the second half of the The Scorcese/Dylan piece on PBS tonight and loved it.
I'm definitely buying the DVD at some point.

Made some small progress today on the Irish Hiking Scarf.
I'm really enjoying knitting this so much! It is so relaxing and it makes me look good! People at work ooohed and ahhed over it, and were very impressed with the cables. I couldn't believe how easy they are to do but there was no telling my coworkers that.
I made sure to credit my SP with the project and they were all suitably jealous.

It is one of these two colors ;) I have no idea how to take pictures.. seroiusly.. I guess the color is kinda closer to the second shot -- but maybe even a little redder than that.

Desdemona is giving it a once over

Ok.. maybe twice..


aurora said...

You're not alone with the gum. Munching and chewing noises drive me nuts. Foulyukkyhateful!

keohinani said...

i hate when they pop it! you know like when they make those little bubbles and they pop it several times. it's like, JEEZ! or they'll chew gum with their mouth open while they're talking to you. hates it!
that's like, soooo tujohpui!
word verification definition of the day: tujohpui (adj.) - rude.

Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady said...

Oh my, I'm one of those annoying, noisy gum chewers. But only at home and only because it gets me really strange looks from the animals that live with us.

I want to do cables! But they scare me.

~drew emborsky~ said...

Those cables look fantastic!!!