Sep 12, 2005

Secret Pal Revisited

I can't believe how cool my SP is!
She (she revealed that in this letter :), sent me a lovely note, with a lace pattern (and a sample).
I'm feeling very special.

Cast on last night for my mini-ringel socks. I'm using one of the patterns from the book my SP sent me, and they're coming out great so far.

You know how they say "join, being careful not to twist the stitches?" well, I said to myself the other day, after casting on in the round numerous times, "I never seem to have a problem with that."..

I jinxed myself. I've twisted on the join every time since.
Add that to accidentally knitting with the yarn tail, and its a wonder I ever actually knit anything.

Last night, I finally had a moment of inspiration (that I'm sure was obvious, but eluded me up until now), to use the yarn tail to tie the dpns in their proper place and direction until I finished the first round (gotta make sure to do it in the right direction tho so you can unravel it as you go from needle to needle). First time I didn't twist the join in weeks.

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