Sep 5, 2005

Flesh and blood need flesh and blood

So I gave blood yesterday- first time in about 20 years.
I'm very glad I did.


I had what they mysteriously call "a reaction" afterward, which involved a bit of dizziness and possibly fainting, and that wasn't much fun. But the people at the NY Blood Center in Elmsford were right on it, and wheeled me quckly back to a very comfy chair (seriously, I want one at home, its like a craftmatic bed but its a chair and they let me play with the controls and everything. I'm like three years old so that really appealed to me ;) and got me all fixed up in no time. Evidently all I needed to do was put my legs higher than my head. I should be good at that.
If that's the worst that could happen, I'm glad to give again and often.

They need blood. Go donate!

I showed my finished sock (I'll post pictures later), around the office on friday.
Most people were very happy for me and I got the following suggestions

  • You should stuff it with potpourri and use it as a sachet
  • You should frame it
  • You should hang it off the side of your computer and use it to hold pens

At no point did anyone say "that should be a sock" ;) I don't know how to take that.

Sock number two is underway now. Maybe as a pair their use should be more obvious :)


Trillian42 said...

Thanks for posting that link to the Katrina Rib pattern - even if I never make it, I had to buy it.

And good for you for donating blood! The last time I did, I was a little dehydrated beforehand and got sick, but I think I have to try again. I just can't sit back and watch and not DO something.

Nik said...

I hate that I can't give blood. I'm always turned down because my iron levels are not high enough.