Sep 27, 2005

Sleep is for the Weak.

And tomorrow morning .. I'll wake up weak.. and need sleep..


Cast on tonight for the Irish Hiking Scarf.
My SP sent me the pattern, along with cable needles and some pretty raspberry colored Lana D'oro. Everything I need to get started.

I can't believe what a joy this entire project is. The yarn is so easy to work with that the scarf practically knits itself. My first cables! woohoo!!!

Here's a pic of my progress thusfar.
Lets hope my knitting is better than my photography


Anonymous said...

I knew you were a born cabler! That looks SO good, too. Proud of you. What size needles are you using for your socks then? And you liked Lucys book, I am even noticed her autograph! You are a good SP. Love, Secret.

weaselrina said...

Thank you!!! :)

I"m using size 2 for this set of socks.. and will make my way down to 1s and 0s on the next ones :)

I should have a cable update tonight, I love this project!

Thank you!