Sep 2, 2005

Knitters - doing something

New Orleans...

I have visited the city 5 times I think. I felt at home there from the first visit, seduced by its one-of-a-kind charm, the fabulous food, the warmth of the people, and its walkability (a big plus for a New Yorker like me.) Every time I went I didn't want to leave and it was only necessity and an expanding waistline that got me to go home. It is hard to believe what that beautiful city and its people are suffering through now.

I've spent the day glued to my computer, squeezing in work between reading the news.
I don't know what I can say about the situation in Louisiana and neighboring states that hasn't been said already. It's unbearably, horribly sad. I'm wildly angry that there wasn't a better plan in place, I'm wildly angry about how it is being handled, and I'm wildly angry at the aftermath.
And I feel completely helpless to do anything.
Except make donations, and hope they help.

Someone on the Knitty boards had the (very good) idea to post knitting related fundraising efforts for hurricane relief. I'm reprinting them here in case anyone stops by.
Some really good ideas here. And of course there is the Red Cross (over there to the right>>>), and the UJC (mentioned in the previous post).

Katrina Relief - Knitters Unite to Help!
Webs to donate 10%
Full Thread Ahead - Knit A Teddy Bear

Do what you can.

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