Sep 21, 2005

Gee why can't I function.

Update: Im mysteriously still awake, and plus one blog banner and button.
must.. sleep... soon..

Slept all of 2 hours last night. Non consecutively. Not sure why, just couldn't sleep.

I'm playing on the colors on typepad to get em closer to what they are here, just to see if it balances better.

Pros to blogger:
Ridiculously easy to use
I'm already here

Pros to typepad
Ease of three column layout (which i prefer
I find the canned layouts easier to modify.
I like the categories
The sidebars are way easier to deal with.
Seem to be far fewer outages

I'm still undecided. Part of me really thinks i just shouldn't spend the money on typepad and that blogger will grow its feature set eventually.


sarai said...

weasel lies awake.
meanwhile, typepad debates rage
Dream the solution!

DomesticOverlord said...

New banner is nice.
Button is so good looking
that I must use it.