Sep 13, 2005

KIP with DPNS on the MTA

Love them acronyms.

Anyway, during my morning commute, I was knitting on the subway (workin on a sock), and dropped (as I seem to do a lot) the newly freed up dpn (size 2, silver colored aluminum) went skittering across the floor.

I don't know why I can't seem to hang on to them. I once had Metro North dismantle a seat for me to find a lost dpn. Anyway - I usually use bamboo for socks and have a hard enough time hanging on to those, but these were aluminum, and way too slippery and well.. gone it was. Plus.. its silver color blended into the (weird black speckled linoeleum) floor, well enough that finding it on a crowded NYC subway was not an easy task.

Fortunately many of my fellow passengers jumped in to help, some even went so far as to crawl around under seats to find it for me, and we were eventually successful!

And they say New Yorker's aren't friendly!

1 comment:

haikumaven said...

dropped a double-point
new friends on subway found it
new yorkers are nice!!