Sep 24, 2005

I Love Lewis Black!

and we're (me and the bf) going to see him tongiht! At carnegie Hall no less!

I'm very excited -- I find him hilarious!

On the knitting front -

The purple Manos is becoming the above scarf which can be found here -- the yarn is so delicious !

Speaking of socks. Someone please tell me its ok to sew up the dropped stitch i found .. oh.. at the point i was picking up stitches, which wasn't discovered until halfway thru the foot and I don't have to frog the damned thing?

I promised an ipod cozy to a friend of mine, I have a worsted- variegated in yellow, orange and pink.. cheapie yarn (not something i'd use for anything wearable, but it works for the subject matter and can't seem to find a pattern thats working for me. Any ideas?


darbyrose said...

No, you do not have to frog the whole sock. I give you permission to just sew up the stitch.

Of course, it may look like c**p, but I don't have to look at it.

No, it will be fine.


Dani said...

Love Lewis Black too (die hard Opie and Anthony fan here, so it kind of stands to reason I would love LB as well - and Brewer, and Norton and Regan, and well, any good comic!)

How'd the scarf in Manos come out or is it still OTN?