Sep 16, 2005

Manos Desdemona (Desdemanos?)

Desdemona and the Manos pillow

Something fell on my head today.
Don't worry I wasn't hurt.. just horrified.
And I don't know what it was.

It was too big to be a raindrop, too small to be a bird...
and given the humidity in NY today, I fear it may have been a waterbug. (note: this is what we in NYC call the American Cockroach (don't look if bug phobic).

Now I can't say for certain thats what it was, since I just felt something fall on me and shook my head violently to make sure whatever it was didn't stay. But given my phobia, and my luck.. I'm convinced (perhaps irrationally) that it was.
And after something like that, one needs to go shopping.

I hit Knit NY which was just a block away from the falling bug zone. I'd heard negative things about it, but I didn't find them to be true. People were perfectly friendly and accomodating. I consoled myself with two hanks of Manos (which i wound in-store)

one in canyon multi

and one in aster:

plus two hanks of cascade 220 in burgundy heather -or something like that:

Desdemona approves:

Now what to do with the yummy yarn......

1 comment:

keohinani said...

mmm...yarn *drool*
i hate roaches. we have flying roaches in hawaii. some people would joke they're the state bird (not true). i think they're mutant roaches, unlike any you've ever seen before, because several whacks with a rubber slipper just isn't enough sometimes.