Sep 14, 2005

You mean it stripes by itself?

When I first went into IT, and I would fix someone's computer, I was always amazed that they were blown away by things I found simple to fix and completely disinterested in the stuff that I thought was impressive.

So I just learned to knit in April. And I'm happily plugging away at socks, on progressively smaller needles. And my stitches look better all the time, and i no longer get ladders... and I'm all proud of myself and stuff.. and when I show my work to a non-knitter what is it that impresses them?

The fact that the yarn is self striping.

"how do you get stripes like that?" "how does it know how big its going to be so it knows where to stripe?" argh.

Anyway..this is the sock, in progress

the brightness is off in this shot..

and this one shows that I can't keep my hand still..

and then this happened...

I really need a photo editor.
Or a door that closes well ;)


kryorkill said...

Weaselrina, ma'am
Your kitty cat inquires
the yarn stripes itself?

darbyrose said...

And exactly what yarn are you using? Hmmmm?

Inquiring minds like to know these things, yanno.
As well as what size needles you are using.

How does it stripe itself????


keohinani said...

wow...what yarn is that!? it's nice!

wow, i sound like such a geek.

i meant to say, dude, that yarn is totally b*tchin'! hook it up! holla.